Easy !

2 Aug

Keep it fresh for the Summer: Try my latest Track called Easy!

It’s a chillin’ track just to sit back and relax while the sun falls in the Ocean.

Bangin’ On The Radio!

16 May

Hey! I just released a new Track:

I sampled MIA‘s “live fast die young” and she goes like “My Chain hits my Chest when I’m Bangin’ on the Radio!

CRANE EP By JJBOT and Friends

26 Mar

Hey hey hey!

Here it is, after a long time and a lot of work, here comes our first collaborative EP with JJbot and Debmaster! It’s our first try at creating an incongruous music genre inspired by Trap and EDM.

Like JJbot said : “When Trap kisses awkward, weird and ill-chosen vibes, you got CRANE.”

Watch for your head, it might hurt a little !

Enjoy your Headache !

CRANE EP Trailer out !!!

18 Feb

Hey, hey, hey!

Yesterday JJBOT released the trailer of our first collaborative EP : CRANE.

CRANE EP (“Crane” is the French word for “Skull“) is a Trap inspired EP with a lot of crazyness in it.

In this trailer you’ll hear some tracks by JJBOT, Debmaster and JokesOnU (My buddy Joker and myself, Pimpadelik)!

I hope you enjoy it! The EP is coming soon !

SoundCloud’s Finest – #1

12 Feb

Hey! It’s been a long time since since my last post! I’ve been working a lot on my collaborative E.P “Crane” witch is really close to be finished. We’ll post a teaser on SoundCloud pretty soon and I’ll publish it here.

But today we’re talking about my SoundCloud’s favorite tracks from last couple of months !

No big names, no Superstars ! (Maybe you already know them but… well… you’ve got the Idea) And there’s many different genres, from Hip-Hop to Trap also with a couple of Electro sounds.

All of these artists showed up someday in my SoundCloud’s Stream… And they all got my attention and I’m now Following them, ENJOY :

Here’s the Tracklist:

  1. L D R U – The Tropics
  2. Debmaster – Runway (Dubspot Remix)
  3. BlackGhost – What Ya’ll Been Waiting 4
  4. Shanice Marcus – Lucky
  5. JJBot – Mustafas GemüseKebap
  6. Iso – Protocol
  7. People (pH)arm – Formidable Opposition
  8. FlizzyWoah – Unleaded
  9. J.Nitrous – Live Fast
  10. SaintOner Cee – Trap Beat
  11. Orange Dust – Somethingsomething
  12. Defeat – VLVT

Happy New Year Errbody !

7 Jan

I hope you enjoyed your New Year Party with a lot of  Trap music !

I had a pretty good time myself thinking of what a great Year we just had… Then I decided I might share the big tracks I enjoyed the most in 2012 ! Wanna take a look ?

10 Trap tracks to remember from 2012

  1. Let’s start with one of the biggest Trap track I ever heard : Flosstradamus – Underground Anthem 
  2. You can’t talk about Trap without mentioning him : Baauer – Harlem Shake 
  3. I think it might be the most knowed  Trap remix : Major Lazer – Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix) 
  4. Antoher big Trap track, this time by the explosive duo : TNGHT – Higher Ground 
  5. And again : TNGHT – Bugg’n   (but that ain’t fair, the whole TNGHT E.P is damn good)
  6. I’m not even sure how to pronounce this… Anyway : ƱZ x CRNKN – Booty To The Ground 
  7. Diplo, one of my favorite artist’s got one too : Sleigh Bells – Demons (Diplo remix) 
  8. Flosstradamus also got remixed! And it’s definitly SICK : Flosstradamus – Rollup (Baauer Remix) 
  9. Let’s chill a little with this beautiful remix : Kaskade & Deadmau5 – Trap For Me (Van Toth Bootleg)
  10. And the last but not the least :  Skrillex – Make It Bun Dem (Bro Safari & UFO! Remix)

Okay now, I might have forgotten some tracks… Then maybe you should tell me what was your favorite Tracks from 2012 ?

Peace !

Let’s talk about Dubstep !

21 Dec

Well, I guess most of the people who will read this post knows a little about Dubstep… But how many of y’all are following it since the beginning ?

If you’re like me, you might have discovered Dubstep lately (I mean less than 2 years ago…) and you might also realize that there are plenty of sub-genres… Maybe more and more as the time goes by.

We all read things like “Dubstep is a new genre, we have to let it grow !” or “It’s all about experiment, it’s Dubstep as long as there’s some wobble”, etc…

I don’t wanna agree with those points. Dubstep ain’t no “new-new” shit… I mean, It’s been going on since 2004 :

Okayyyyyy ! 8 years… It’s not that old for a music genre, but most of my friends who claims they listen to Dubstep might throw up while listening to this mixtape ! BengaKode9Skream… It’s obvious for some Dubstep fans but many other won’t know who those guys are. (Well maybe not Skream, everybody knows this track haha !)

So this is the Roots. The slow feeling Tempo set to 140 BPM and that a wet and long Snare in the third measure,with some extremely fast hi-hats… That low and fat Subbase and the famous “wobble“, not necessary coming with a drop !

In my opinion, this is what represents the most the Dubstep genre :

Agree or disagree, Distance is a solid Dubstep DJ.

Now why is it so different to what we call Dubstep on radio ? Even the pretty much underground DJs (not so much actually) like Flux PavilionBar9 or Rusko that we hear on BBC radio 1’s Dubstep mixes does sound a little different.

To make it clear, I think something (someone ?) fucked everybody’s mind up and made them believe that the electro/house sub-genre of Dubstep was THE Dubstep… Yes, I’m looking at you Skrillex ;)

Don’t get me wrong, I like to shake my head on some of Skrillex’s tracks, and I think that he’s really good at what he does. What I’m saying is that Skrillex brought an other genre really close to Dubstep to the spotlight : Complextro.

And that’s a good thing ! Complextro is really close but it’s more about various synth glitching and bouncing on each other in a really short time which gives that stress/panic feeling. It’s also easier to make it fit in a Electro/House playlist for a clubs or a mp3 player.

That being said, I want to share my point about this…

Dubstep is a full genre. Everybody can find what he’s looking for… You might want to relax and listen to a good Chillstep remix ( like this ) or you might be in the mood for a big ass Reggae Party (this is what you’re looking for) or angry at the whole world (it’s ok, let it go).

I hope you enjoyed this post… Now I’m going back at work for a track of my upcoming E.P !

Peace !

Did you hear this one : Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing remix by Diplo

15 Dec

This remix came out about a month ago and I really wanted to talk about it since I really enjoyed it.

Diplo brings a sweet trap-styled nothing to this already great Track by Calvin Harris and Florence Welch (Florence and The Machine). It’s definitely not going to make you shake your head but it will make you feel damn good and relaxed.

Back to Diplo : I didn’t real know him before I heard this amazing remix so I tried to learn a little more about this guy… Found out that he’s one of the the guys who produced the excellent Too Close by Alex Clare. He also produced a remix of Sia’s famous song “Clap your Hands” back in 2010.

Hello World !

13 Dec

Hey hey hey !

My name’s Pimpadelik ! I’m a bedroom producer making all kind of Music from time to time and I decided to make my own blog so I can share it ! Oh ! And I’m French so you might notice some mistakes but most of the time it should be readable haha !

Well, now that it’s said. What is this going to be ?

I’m gonna post a lot of multiple things (or at least I’ll try) to keep this blog alive as long as possible. It’s gonna be about Hip-Hop, Trap music which is my new “ear-drug”, Dubstep and some other “kind-of-electronic-music“.

Also I’m gonna share my own stuff and it will start on January with my first E.P called “CRANE” with JJBot, Debmaster and my homie Joker from my crew “Jokes on U“.


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